KingPost | Design & Build Philosophy
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Design & Build Philosophy



Many Contractors can build a house, but our innovative methods, superior quality control, and technical expertise guarantee the greatest results. We value engineer every project prior to construction and assign a full time foreman on site for the duration of the project.  The greatest impact on a budget is not the number in the estimate, it’s how well a project is run. Period.

     Our loyal managers, carpenters and craftsman have been with us for many years. As the foundation of KingPost, their skill, pride and efficiency are paramount to our success. We don’t compromise quality or cut corners.  A KingPost house stands apart from the competition as a result of our methods.

     Architects trust us with their most technical projects because of our proven track record, excellent level of finish and longstanding reputation.  Clients trust us because we’re hard working and honest. Unlike some contractors, we’re not trying to build every custom house in town, that’s not who we are. We prefer to focus on 2-4 projects at a time so that every client gets the attention, service and legacy product they deserve.


We strive to design the most energy efficient systems in all of our homes, incorporating the use of safe, sustainable and recyclable products to minimize the environmental stress of home building. In addition, we use the highest quality materials and  prepare them properly to ensure the longevity of a home.  

     KingPost cares about the environment and we’re constantly working to improve our recycling methods and reduce wastes. This is a beautiful area and we want to keep it that way.  


Using our collaborative team of architects, engineers and design professionals we can take ideas and draft them into tangible products. Our reputation for producing legacy homes comes from over 20 years of residential coastal building. This experience is vital when engineering creative new designs.

     Working with architects to refine details and specifications during the design process leads to a superior product. Regardless of house size, design style or budget we can guide clients throughout the entire development phase. When it comes to creativity, quality, efficiency, accountability, experience and service,  KingPost is the obvious choice.